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May 2013

Wednesday​ - May 8th, 2013 - Westfield, Massachusetts

Becoming a Safari Club Member

Becoming a Safari Club member may be one of the easiest things you’ll ever do. Just about all you have to do is ask.

There are just 2 levels of membership in The Safari Club.  You can become a "Guest Member" and find out why so many folks have fallen in love with our organization. Or you can become a "Full Member", which is our most popular membership level as it opens ALL the doors for you to enjoy the FULL benefits of our orgnization. More information on these memberships can be found under our “Pick a membership level” tab seen in the drop-down menu above..


 Once you join us you'll be immediately added to our email list and be eligible to participate in most all of our Safari Club adventures each season.  However, from time to time there may be events in which our available tee times are limited by the host clubs and FULL members only will have preference in those situations.

All Guest Members are eligible to winning several of the cash prizes we offer at all of our events.   Premier Members are eligible to both cash, as well as some fantasic prizes offered by our many generous sponsors at every regularly scheduled event.  In addition, Full Members are also eligible for several nice discounts at many outstanding golf courses througout the area when presenting their 2017 Safari Club Full Membership card.

Our $65.00 annual ($100 husband/wife) Full Membership dues expands your opportunities tremendously. Most of our members win at least one prize during the season, either as a result of their talent out on the course or just plain good fortune resulting from a lucky draw in our weekly fun raffle.  Full Members also enjoy savings in golf & cart fees at many of our Safari Friendly cooperating golf courses throughout our playing area. 


However, before you select your membership level, we do ask that you agree to the following considerations, required of all our members.

The Safari Club creed is simple and it is as follows:

Yes, we certainly enjoy sharing time together on some of the finest courses in the Northeast. But it's the good conversation, friendly competition and spirited laughs that make our Safari Club Adventures so fulfilling and rewarding — whether we’re playing to a scratch or double-digit handicap.

We hold ourselves to high standards of honesty, reliability, loyalty, respect for others and of course, having a great sense of humor.

We expect all of our members to be respectful of the courses and management wherever we play, as well as always maintaining a reasonable pace of play during the round.. 

If this sounds like you…..WELCOME ABOARD! All that's left for you to do is choose your level of membership and email us with your membership request.

It's not surprising that a Safari Club Full Membership has become the most popular choice for our regular participants.  It is also the life blood of our organization as this annual fee goes directly to the people responsible for making this great golf opportunity available to all.  Countless hours of time and effort are spent soliciting sponsors for prizes, arranging and preparing for events, as well as maintaining a club website we can all be proud of. 

We certainly hope everyone taking advantage of this wonderful organization understand the dedication it takes to keep it running so well. 


Sponsor of multiple prizes this season

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Sponsor of multiple prizes this season

Sponsor of multiple prizes this season

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