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What started as four buddies traveling around Western Massachusetts to play some golf has today become an organization boasting over 500 loyal participants.  These members are scattered from New York to Rhode Island and everywhere in between.  Our members simply love the game of golf, appreciate meeting fellow golf enthusiasts, and enjoy the opportunity of traveling to play at some of the finest courses in southern New England.

During our first couple of years, the founding members established close relationships with golf course managers and owners where they played regularly.    A win-win situation was created when several of these golf courses began offering this growing band of traveling golf fanatics some very competitive golf rates to enjoy their respective courses.  The golf courses we played were filling tee times and The Safari Club members were getting in some great golf - at great rates.  The WIN-WIN partnership of golfers and golf courses working together had become a reality.

The future of The Safari Club looks more exciting now than ever before.  Membership is growing and we will continue to make every effort possible to bring our members the same competitive pricing on the golf outings we schedule that they have all come to expect.  Ultimately, we hope to offer similar discounts for many other goods and services we all use and in turn reward those businesses that appreciate customer loyalty as well. 


We hope you will join us as a Safari Club member - good friends and great golf!  That's what The Safari Club is all about.




About Us

The Safari Club had its genesis as the result of four old golfing buddies who enjoyed each other’s comradeship, as well as partaking in frequent golfing sojourns to many different golf courses throughout southern New England.

Alistair Catto, Gary Burt, Fran Mientka and Bruce Whittier had played golf together for over a quarter century.  However, in recent years they came to realize there seemed to be an added challenge, as well as a certain adventure and curious charm, to embarking on these frequent day trips to different area golf courses.

Friendship may just be nature's perfect miracle.

L to R: Fran Mientka, Alistair Catto, Gary Burt, Bruce Whittier

Pictured at The Cranwell Resort - Lenox, Massachusetts - 2010

Also know as - L to R: "GB", "Blade", "Frantic" & "AC"
Pictured at The Ledges Golf Club - South Hadley, Massachusetts - 2010

The Founding Four
L to R: Bruce Whittier, Alistair Catto, Fran Mientka and Gary Burt

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