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Testimonials from leading golf courses regarding their involvement with The Safari Club

You can visit and find out more about each golf course by clicking on their logo below.

The Crumpin Fox Golf Club is not simply another place to play a round of golf. No, not at all, it's far more than that!

From the moment you arrive you'll begin to feel the essence of being somewhere special. Very, very special, indeed! 

The tranquil setting from your viewpoint on the first tee might look harmless enough as you look down the perfectly manicured tree-lined fairway on the beginning hole. But by the time you reach the first green you'll already be fully aware that you'd better have your "A" game going when taking on the Crump! ”Challenging" may be a word you hear quite often from golfers when describing this great course. But the most operative words may be spectacular, incredible, fantastic, amazing and of course...breathtaking!

So, it should come as no big surprise to learn that this spectacular layout has been voted the #1 public access course in Massachusetts by Golf Week Magazine no less than THREE different times in recent years, as well as being host club for U.S. Open qualifiers an impressive EIGHT different times, along with being listed in the top 100 public golf courses in America by Golf Magazine an equally impressive FOUR different times! 

Is it any wonder why The Safari Club always appreciates its annual pilgrimage to Crumpin Fox GC?

Michael Zaranek

Former Head PGA Golf Pro
Crumpin Fox Golf Club
Now Head Pro at
Brattleboro Country Club


PGA Professional Mike Zaranek describes his experience working with The Safari Club.

"The Safari Club has been coming to our golf club for several years now. We’ve tried to accommodate their needs by scheduling their annual event during our slower season. Their event is so well organized and so well run that it puts very little extra pressure on our staff or our regular club members.  In addition, the Safari Club members are all such a great group of people that many have now become good friends. Some we even see returning a few times during the season.  They are all extremely respectful of the golf course, our facilities, as well as the members of our club and staff.  Just a great group of golf enthusiasts. We always enjoy hosting a Safari Club event".

Mark Klotz

Former Head Pro at

Cold Springs Country Club
Now Head Pro at
River's Edge Golf Course
Jewett City, CT


Although one's first encounter with this 6'6" giant of a man might be a bit imposing for some, it'll only take but a minute or two before Mark Klotz breaks into one of his trademark warm, engaging smiles in which he quickly reveals the genuine caring nature of his very personable self.  And that's the guy he really is..... A gentle giant who truly likes and cares for other people, particularly GOLF PEOPLE!

But apart from his obvious ability to communicate well with people, Klotz comes from a wealth of golf experience that includes almost 15 years as head professional and teaching pro at Marlborough Country Club. One of the most esteemed private golf clubs in all of New England.

Mark was lured to Cold Spring CC because of its incredible natural beauty and also because of its obvious potential in becoming one of the truly premier golf course destinations anywhere on the east coast.


Mark's teaching skills, honed through years of experience and an almost uncanny ability to communicate his thoughts into his students muscle memory, have quickly gave rise to his demand as a teaching pro here in western Massachusetts.

The Safari Club was fortunate enough to make an early alliance with Mark Klotz and the owners of Cold Spring Country Club when Mark first arrived at this outstanding golf venue early in 2013.   We're now proud to include Cold Spring CC as one of our MUST play venues each season.

PGA Professional Mark Klotz describes his experience working with The Safari Club.

"The Safari Club is one of the greatest ways to advertise your golf course and facility that I know of in the Pioneer Valley region. Safari Club members are all GOLFERS who like to support local businesses, promote the game of golf and help worthwhile charities all while golf is being played at your golf course.  It is a winning formula for the golf course, the golf professional, the 19th hole and most of all,  for repeat business throughout the season enjoyed at your facility. That's why we became a 'Safari Friendly' golf destination.  Simply put, anytime an organization can fill your fairways with 130 golfers or more, well, that's good advertising and it just makes sense."

"E J"  Altobello

Former Head PGA Golf Professional at
Tekoa Country Club
Now Head Pro at Springfield Country Club


Anyone who may have played golf regularly at Tekoa over the last 20 years will attest to this: There's been a very positive transformation occurring there, particularly in the last 4 or 5 years, that has resulted in this golf course becoming one of the very finest and well-manicured public golf courses located anywhere in western Massachusetts. And their greens?  Perfect speed and as true as a Swiss clock.  Considered by many top golfers among the BEST!

The guy chiefly responsible for this incredible transition has been EJ Altobello, the resident pro at Tekoa. But EJ is much more than the pro at Tekoa. He's the guy who contributes something to every aspect of this golf club's meteoric rise in popularity over the last few years.

He's a man that wears many hats during his daily schedule. Some of his duties may include him being golf pro, course manager, head greens keeper, tournament director, outings coordinator, cart attendant or anything else he thinks might need to be done to make Tekoa a better place for the golfing community to enjoy playing golf.

But most of all EJ is just one great guy and without question one of golf's most revered professionals in southern New England.  That's exactly why The Safari Club likes to refer to Tekoa Country Club as it's 'Home Course". We like to think of our membership and the people we associate with as representatives of a truly quality organization and someone like EJ Altobello is surely emblematic of that philosophy.

PGA Professional "EJ" Altobello describes his experience working with The Safari Club.

"The Safari Club started playing at Tekoa with only a few members about 10 years ago. However, they have grown dramatically in numbers in only a short time and we always look forward to hosting one of their events. Tekoa’s relationship has always been great with the Safari Club. It’s a real pleasure to work with such an organized group whose whole purpose is to enhance the game for its members. The Safari Club really symbolizes what golf is all about, camaraderie, fun and some light competition. We’re also pleased to be one of the Safari Friendly golf destinations available to their members".

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