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Monday - July 1, 2019
Wahconah Country Club

Dalton, Massachusetts     11:00 AM Shotgun Start


Come travel out to the Berkshires with us as we take on one of the most beautiful golf courses located anywhere within the northeast.


This tremendous venue abounds with history and among its most memorable accomplishments is the fact that the greatest amateur golf of all time, the late great Bobby Jones, played his last game of golfer ever on these hallowed fairways.  This will be an experience you'll cherish for a long time.

Wednesday - July 10, 2019

Brattleboro Country Club
Brattleboro, Vermont     10:00 AM Shotgun Start

Why not enjoy one of those hot early summer days in the beautiful Green Mountains of southern Vermont where temps can often range 10 to 15 degrees cooler than down here among all us flatlanders. 

We returned to this course once again last year after several year’s absence from our schedule. But according to our survey taken last fall, the decision to return here was greatly appreciated.   We're looking forward to returning this season as it was always one of those great conditioned mountain golf courses we absolutely loved to play.  And it's an easy, clear sailing drive right up I-91 to get there.

Wednesday - July 17, 2019

Heritage Country Club
Charlton, Massachusetts     10:00 AM  Shotgun Start

This will be the Safari Club's 4th visit to the fabulous Heritage Country Club.  This was one of those golf courses that was on our radar screen for several years.  We gave it a shot in 2016 and it was one of the best decisions we ever made.  The condition and care of this course is extraordinary.

Located just a little less than an hour from Springfield, this course will be one of those you'll want to return to several times in the future.  Book early – this venue always fills fast!

Monday - July 29, 2019
Ludlow Country Club

Ludlow, Massachusetts - 10:00 AM Shotgun Start


Long considered one of the most prestigious and highly acclaimed PRIVATE golf courses in the northeast, it’s not difficult to understand why the Safari Club felt extremely honored when we were invited to have one of our Safari Club Adventures hosted by this great golf club.

This is NOT a golf course you just walk on to play.  It’s a PRIVATE course and you must be accompanied by a member.  But our reputation precedes us they have opened their doors for us to come out and experience Ludlow Country Club for ourselves.

This will be our inaugural visit to this great venue.  We’re looking forward to this experience and the opportunity to build another long term relationship with another outstanding golf venue.  Carts will be limited - so don't diddle around.