Choose your favorite Safari Club Membership option below

*PREMIER members are required to pay a mandatory $5.00  "EVENT FEE"  at all our Safari Club Adventures.
*PREMIER members will be eligible for ALL cash and sponsor prizes awarded at all our events.


**GUEST members are required to pay a mandatory $10.00 or $15.00 "EVENT FEE" at all our Safari Club Adventures.
**Guest members will be eligible for a FREE 2018 Safari Club Premier Membership in lieu of any cash or prizes awarded for Par-3 wins.
Guests are not guaranteed a spot at any of our Safari Club events unless confirmation is received by email. 


The Safari Club of Golf is an organization built upon a philosophy of fairness, honesty and enjoyment for ALL.  We will NOT tolerate any belligerent or obnoxious behavior from any member at any time before, during or after event play.  Members not following these guidelines will be dismissed and barred from attending any future Safari Club events.  NO REFUNDS on membership dues will be returned and all prizes and monies won during that member’s tenure will remain their property.

NO REFUNDS on membership for those who may suspend their play for any reason. A possible waiver to this rule may be considered for health concerns or other unusual and extenuating circumstances.  Requests for such must be made in writing.

Please review  membership details below.

Individual Premier Membership Dues - $65 annually
Couples Premier Membership Dues - $100 annually

The most popular and rewarding level of membership

  • Email announcements for all major Safari Club Adventures

  • Monthly schedule of events via email

  • Safari Club announcements & reports via email

  • First priority assigned tee-times to ALL events - in the event a Safari Club Adventure reaches full capacity, space will be allotted on a first come/first serve basis as registrations were received.

  • Basic Safari Club rates enjoyed at all major weekly events

  • Ability to arrange playing partners or assistance in pairings

  • A minimum $5.00 "EVENT FEE" will be charged at each event allowing eligibility for ALL cash prizes and other awards offered by sponsors at ALL events.

  • ​Notifications and invitations to special events separate from our regularly scheduled Safari Club weekly adventures.

  • Officially issued Safari Club "Premier Member" card to verify eligibility for all standard awards or prizes provided by sponsors in events where available. 

  • Premier Membership card will be valid for all Safari Friendly discounts offered at any participating golf courses upon presentation.  

  • Special discount rate for any advertising your company or business would like to have appear on the Safari Club website.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - this level essentially amounts to a small contribution to the event coordinator for his unselfish and tireless effort in arranging many tremendous golf venues for our members to play, as well as building and maintaining our website, acquiring prizes, as well as keeping the membership updated with news and Safari Club Adventure weekly reports. 

    Simply put; if you enjoy what The Safari Club adds to your life it may be time to join to become a FULL Member.


Sponsor of multiple prizes this season

Take the Tekoa Charity Challenge

Sponsor of multiple prizes this season

Guest Membership 
Please read restrictions to this membership below

  • Members at this level are required to pay either a $10.00 or $15.00  "EVENT FEE" (depending on venue) at registration for each event.. 

  • Email announcements for all major Safari Club Adventures

  • Monthly schedule of events via email

  • Safari Club announcements & reports via email

  • Assigned tee-times to all events only while they remain available

  • Basic Safari Club rates at all regularly scheduled weekly events.  

  • Ability to arrange own playing partners or assistance in pairings.

  • Members at this level will not receive notification or invitations to special Safari Club events held separate from our regularly scheduled weekly events.

  • This level of membership is designed to be an introductory experience.  It's our hope that new members will value the Safari Club experience and join our organization as PREMIER members once they have had an opportunity to participate in a couple of our events. Guest players will be limited to only TWO Safari Club Adventures per season.

  • In the event any Safari Club Adventure maxes out available space for player foursomes, all PREMIER members will take precedence of whatever space remains in order of their registration on a first come - first serve basis.

Sponsor of multiple prizes this season

Sponsor of multiple prizes this season

Sponsor of multiple prizes this season

Sponsor of multiple prizes this season

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