2013 Safari Club Monthly Golf Schedule

To view our upcoming Safari Club Adventures just click on any month appearing in the drop down menu under "2013 Monthly Schedules located on the navigation bar at the top of this page.

We will be updating the schedule regularly this season in hopes of being able to provide you with upcoming Safari Club events in a timely manner. 

Please consider playing in as many of these events as possible.  

Your participation is greatly appreciated at any and all of these events as it helps demonstrate to the golf courses where we play that The Safari Club can indeed, drive extra revenues through their cash registers.
It's this continued WIN-WIN alliance between these progressive, business minded golf courses and our loyal membership that has built our club to where it is today and will propel our growth in the future.

See complete list of golf courses scheduled for Safari Club Adventures in drop down menu.

We will attempt to have the upcoming month's schedule appear in the drop down menu a month ahead of time whenever possible..