Welcome to our list of Safari Friendly Restaurant Sponsors!

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All these great dining venues are listed in alphabetical order and  will be sponsoring special prize awards throughout this season's Safari Club events.  Your support of these businesses is what helps make our club so great.

All the more reason to join the Safari Club...NOW!​

For almost 40 years Fitzwilly’s has been the go-to downtown Northampton destination for quality food and great service offered at moderate prices and in such a comfortable and friendly environment that you’ll think you never really left home.  Customers who frequent Fitzwilly’s are seldom referred to as “customers” very long.  Once they’ve visited this establishment a time or two and experience the real life “Cheers “ atmosphere within its walls, they too will quickly become better known as just good FRIENDS!​

Built by the Worcester Lunch Car Company in 1950, the historic Bluebonnet Diner stands as a familiar Northampton landmark that offers an historic Americana type dining experience seldom found anymore.  One of the most popular dining destinations anywhere in the Valley, the Bluebonnet has earned its renowned reputation by offering the very best in home-style cooking served at reasonable prices. Whether you prefer old Americana style at-the-bar service, dining room seating or just wish to view the news or a special sports event while relaxing with your friends in their spacious lounge, the Bluebonnet has it all. They can also provide customers with a banquet area, complete with private bar, that can accommodate close to 250 special folks for your special events. The Bluebonnet is a great place to bring your whole family and enjoy a fantastic breakfast served all day, delicious daily specials, beef, chicken and seafood entrées, and incomparable homemade desserts, including puddings and cream pies that will make it difficult to walk away after just one serving.

Sponsor of multiple prizes this season


Sponsor of multiple prizes this season


Sponsor of multiple prizes this season


Located on a side street only a couple blocks from downtown is one of Northampton's oldest  and most well known landmark restaurants.  Joe's Cafe' has been located at the same spot and in the same building for well over 70 years.  For decades generations of native Northampton residents have flocked to Joe's to devour this restaurant's incredible tasting thin crust pizza and other Italian dish delights as often as possible.  However, Joe's Cafe" is no longer that secret little old style Italian eatery as the word has spread far and wide about this legendary culinary gem.  You'll just as likely to be seated next to some frequent customers from New Jersey that stops by on their way to or from a Vermont ski destination as you will be seated next to a local regular.  People who go here once return here over and over again.  Joe's Cafe' is one of the main reasons great Italian food seems so addictive.  In 1974, Gerry Rainville and Jack Sullivan bought the café from brothers Joe and Tony Caruso. The two enjoyed a successful partnership for 37 years and when Gerry retired in 2011, Jack teamed up with his daughter, Meaghan, to carry on the tradition of Joe's Café: good food and fine service in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.  Be sure to say hello to them when you stop by.

Johnny’s Bar and Grille is a warm and lively restaurant and bar where people can be themselves and relax in a comfortable setting. Situated in the town of South Hadley, MA across from Mt Holyoke College, Johnny’s offers some picturesque views and plenty of outdoor seating.

They feature great tasting comfort fare; house-made fresh ground daily burgers, mac and cheese are just some of the favorites.  Above all you can expect warm genuine service. That is something upon which they pride themselves. They look forward to serving you.

Johnny’s was named after Johnny Yee of the iconic Hu Ke Lau Restaurant, established in 1965.  Johnny was a legendary restaurateur who carved out a name for himself in the restaurant industry. So in his memory, they created Johnnys with his eat, drink and be merry spirit in mind. Fill up on comfy fare, catch a game and have a great time out. Come by and raise a glass to Johnny!

This is truly a fun and exciting pirate themed restaurant that offers a wide variety of menu selections for the whole family to enjoy.  This fascinating dining destination is as interesting and innovative as any restaurant you will ever visit.  They are currently constructing an onsite micro-distillery that when  finished will be the first of its kind anywhere on the East Coast.  They're opened for lunch & dinners 7 days a week and offer classic American cuisine served fresh and delectably prepared at reasonable prices.

Kaptain Jimmy's daily specials can be found on their website or daily menu at the restaurant. 


Delaney's Grill is where you go for Heaven's steak. The best steakhouse in Western Massachusetts features 100% Black Angus beef from cattle raised on small farms and fed an all-vegetarian diet to promote superior marbling and outstanding flavor. The Grill also offers a great selection of fish, pork, chicken and vegetarian options.  The Delaney House offers an exquisite dining experience and can cater to small or large parties of almost any size.

The Runway Restaurant and Lounge is one of Westfield's premier dining destinations. Situated right at the terminal serving Barnes Airport, The Runway restaurant is a fun, casual, and unique dining experience like no other in our area.  Bring the kids and grand-kids as they'll just love watching the occasional aircraft take off and land from this very exciting location. Take it from one old grand dad who really knows, the grand kids will love the excitement this place offers.


With one of the most spectacular locations possible in which to enjoy an eagle's eye view of the Valley, the Tavern On The Hill restaurant offers a dining experience unique to most any other location you'll find anywhere.  Simply relax over a cocktail and delicious appetizer while enjoying the spectacular scenery while your dinner cuisine is being carefully prepared by the award winning chef/owner, Lawrence Guyette.  It's no surprise as to why this establishment has such a loyal following of customers who insist upon only the very best while enjoying their special dining experience.  


It's no wonder at all why this western themed steak house has become so popular with area diners.  All you have to do is eat here once to understand why!   You'll enjoy scrumptious, ample portions of perfectly prepared food served by some of the most competent and pleasant waitstaff anywhere. Opa-Opa's management has opened the doors to all our Safari Club members with daily specials that will get even the most timid of our members wanting to jump up and shout out...."YEE-HAA"!  Head on over to their website to learn about their $5 Monday beer-burger & fries special or Tuesday's $9.99 Surf 'N" Turf.  But don't forget their $9.99 Lobster on Wednesday. They've got specials other days that will knock your boots off too!  

Using the term "great tasting fresh seafood served at reasonable prices" may almost seem like a contradiction in terms to most folks, especially if they've never dined at Webster's Seafood Restaurant.
But to those of us who have dined here we know those comments are spot on!  This 3rd generation eatery is one of the most popular spots in the Valley in which to grab a quick lunch or dinner consisting of superb seafood cooked with the skill of any high profile New York restaurant.  Their family style service helps save YOU a few bucks while assuring all patrons a piping HOT meal right out of the kitchen.
Be sure to check out their Wall of Fame while there.  You're bound to find a few Safari Club members in these photos who discovered this dining gem long, long ago and keep returning year after year. 

The "Toasted Owl Tavern" probably doesn't even realize it, but they offer an atmosphere and ambiance resembling only that of which you’d find in many of the better pubs and taverns found scattered all throughout Europe.  It's easy to experience this special charm the moment you walk through the door of this cleverly decorated establishment.   You'll quickly notice its large picturesque front window that subtly captures all the hustle and bustle of busy downtown Northampton, while allowing you an opportunity to just sit, relax and enjoy your favorite beverage or tasty selection from their huge light fare menu.

The White Hut is another one of those landmark dining spots that is known far and wide for it's absolutely fantastic food.  Although not a huge menu to chose from, The White Hut's award winning  hamburgers and hot dogs have caused many a driver to go completely out of their way just to sink their teeth into one of  their culinary gems.   And now with a second location in Amherst, those folks living further up the Valley can enjoy the same great tasting  burgers and dogs that their faithful customers in West Springfield and all over Hampden County have been feasting on for well over 60 years.  Just check on their logo to the left.  Bet you can't look at the homepage without your mouth beginning to water.   You'll be hearing a lot about the White Hut this season as they'll be sponsoring many prizes during this year's Safari Club Adventures.

Sponsor of multiple prizes this season


Website coming - but check our reviews.
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The best way to describe Pics Pub is through the words of it's customers we've picked up in reviews online.  Who could possibly know more about this popular and friendly destination.  So, here's what a few have to say:  "Fantastic pub and restaurant. The owner, Pic, is a fantastic guy and a even better pizza maker".

"This has been Pics Pub for a year. Good selection on tap and good food. Nice ambiance, friendly owner and barkeeper, friendly regulars.  Nice little pub."

"Great neighborhood pub. Friendly, nice ambiance. Lots of room for the gathering of 30 people that I was with.  Many large flat screen TVs around the bar for excellent sports viewing. I didn't try the food but there was a big selection and the pizza looked delicious".

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