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Testimonials from leading restaurateurs’ regarding The Safari Club's WIN-WIN advertising program.

Freddie Gohr

Co-owner & General Manager
Fitzwilly's & Toasted Owl

Fred Gohr is the guy you might find pictured next to the definition of the word "workaholic" in the dictionary. The very affable and easy going nature in which he presents himself defies the fact that Freddie's the guy directly responsible for the everyday management and success of two of downtown Northampton's most successful restaurants.

Fred can't afford to make many mistakes in his business decisions, especially not in the highly competitive Northampton dining and tavern market.  But serving great food from a great menu has made these two fabulous eateries become the 'go-to' destinations for generations of area diners over the last four decades.

Fred also recognizes a great advertising opportunity when it's put before him. Perhaps that's why he jumped on the Safari Club's WIN-WIN Advertising program immediately upon us offering it to him!


Fitzwilly's celebrates its 40th year in business in 2014
Come in and wish Freddie and his staff a Happy Birthday!

Here's what Freddie had to say about his advertising experience with The Safari Club:

"When I was first approached about giving a few gift certificates to The Safari Club I just thought the whole idea made sense.  Using a few certificates as prizes would obviously make their events more interesting and exciting.  I just thought that because of their wide range of members coming from such a large geographical area we might see a few new faces coming through our doors.  But I've got to admit, I've been amazed with the results.  They just don't come in one at a time.  It might be a half dozen or so at a time and they all like good food and cold drinks".  In fact, we were so happy with the results that we sent them many more certificates to use as prizes after half the season had gone by last year.  Just get 'em out to your members!  That's all I asked ...and they did!"

                                                                                         Fred Gohr

Alex & Dan Webster

Generations of Success
Owners & Operators
Webster's Fish Hook Restaurant

Missing when photo was taken was Dan Webster Jr. the middle member of this great team of local restaurateurs. 

If you like fresh seafood and you live in the greater Northampton area you'll probably know where Webster's Fish Hook is located.

However, if you LOVE FRESH SEAFOOD and live in the greater Northampton area then there's no doubt about will UNDOUBTEDLY KNOW where Webster's Fish Hook is located.  

Webster's Fish Hook has been located on the same spot for the last 30 years. The business has grown and flourished to where it now supports three generations of the Webster Family, all of whom realize that hard work, long hours and a quality product is what it takes to make it in the real world today.

One curiosity of note is how aptly the Fish Hook was named. Not necessarily because of the first word being "fish", as fish is definitely their specialty. But more poignantly it’s the word “hook” that really captures the essence of a Fish Hook experience. Because once you’ve tried their perfectly prepared and flavorfully seasoned seafood you’ll be “hooked” forever too.

Here's what Dan Sr. had to say about his advertising experience with The Safari Club:


"We've been in business a long time, a VERY long time! We've seen all those fancy advertising deals out there. All these hot shots stopping by with their great ideas and promotions that will advertise and promote our restaurant beyond our wildest dreams.

We've tried a few of these programs and even had some occasional success. But every one of these programs required cash from our till to get them started.  And with the ever fluctuating price of seafood our advertsing budget has to be managed closely.

But when we found out about the Safari Club's WIN-WIN advertising concept it just seemed to make sense. Absolutely no cash outlay and every dollar invested in promoting OUR business would be spent in OUR restaurant. How smart do you have to be to realize that's a GREAT deal?

But it's results that count and we can honestly say there's been a lot of new faces showing up in our restaurant since we began using the Safari Club's WIN-WIN deal. Many new customers have come into our restaurant for the first time as a result of having one of the gift certificates we gave the Safari Club. And for several of them, it was their first visit ever to our restaurant.  And most of them have been back several times since!

So, does the Safari Club advertising program work?  Well, let me put it this way.  We offered 150% more certificates to The Safari Club this year than we did last year. I guess it's fair to say we kind of like seeing a lot of new faces come through our door!"
Dan  Webster

Chef John Slattery is featured regularly on the very popular  WWLP - Ch. 22  "Mass Appeal" television show. Click on the photo above to watch him prepare a special dish of Pasta Carbonara and Tomato Bruschetta, while "Mass Appeal" show host, Ashley Kohl, looks on.  

To view other video segments featuring John's incredibly creative cullinary talent, please CLICK HERE.  Better yet, take a ride up to Huntington and taste this outstanding chef's cooking for yourself.

 Are you looking for a different and unique dining experience, yet you still want to enjoy some relaxing time with your dining partner, friends or maybe the family?

Well, here’s  your  tip of the day.

Head on over to the main terminal at Barnes Airport in Westfield and discover exactly what you're looking for.  Enjoy some of the best food you’ve ever tasted while being entertained by watching an array of aircraft as they come and go out on the large airfield behind the terminal and restaurant.

Chef John Slattery, a 20 Year Western Mass Culinary Veteran and Graduate of Johnson and Wales University, specializes in bringing native regional cuisine to the table. Combining local ingredients with modern and classical cooking techniques to produce unique dishes with exceptional flavor and value.


Here's what John & Andrea Slattery have to say about advertising with the Safari Club:

John & Andrea Slattery

"As far as we were concerned, the WIN-WIN advertsing program presented to us by the Safari Club just seemed like a no-brainer right from the start.  Heck, let's face it, getting new people to come into our restaurant is one of the biggest challenges every restaurant in business faces today. However, we've found that if new customers come in once we're pretty darn sure we'll see those same new faces again.  

The Safari Club's simple WIN-WIN advertising program has provided us with that experience many times over for the last couple years and we couldn't be happier with the results.  In fact, one
time in particular
a total of 56 Safari Club members stopped by after one of their events. That certainly filled a lot of seats in our dining area that afternoon.

We really value our relationship with the Safari Club and consider it one of the very best solutions we've ever come up with to stretch our advertising budget."    
John & Andrea Slattery

Stephen S. "Chip" Kloc III

Owner - Head Chef
The Whately Inn


Eat Greatly at The Whately

The historic colonial-styled Whately Inn is located right in the center of downtown Whately, MA.   The Inn itself represents an era of time long gone by but steeped in great tradition



"Tradition" - defined in Webster's dictionary as “an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior". It is also the perfect definition to use in describing The Whately Inn.

The Whately Inn is now managed and owned by the 3rd generation member of the Kloc family, Steve "Chip" Kloc, who also serves as the Inn's head chef.

The tradition of owning great great dining establishments began with Chip's grandfather, Steve Kloc, who also owned and operated The Williams House, The Rainbow Club and finally the Whately Inn.  Chip's dad, Steve "Butch" Kloc , carried on the family tradition and through the years has owned and operated many other popular dining establishments throughout the Valley, among which included 'The Captain's Table',  that for years was one of the most popular dining locations found anywhere in western Massachusetts.

Butch Kloc took over ownership of The Whately Inn from his father back in the 80's.  Soon after "Chip" joined his father serving as head chef at this fabulous eatery until he purchased it from his Dad just a few years ago.

For those of you who enjoy ample helpings of deliciously prepared food, the Whately Inn should definitely be included on your MUST GO TO restaurants.  After only one visit to The Whately Inn you'll quickly understand why this special tradition of owning great restaurants has served such a meaningful experience for the Kloc family, as well as to all their loyal patrons who go there often.

Here's what Chip Kloc had to say about his advertising with The Safari Club:

"My Dad has been a real good golfer all his life and joined the Safari Club so he'd have someone to play with on a regular basis, as well as catch up with a lot of old friends.

We became partner members in the organization so we could take advantage of what looked like a very simple new idea in advertising.

We've been shocked with the results. A lot of Safari Club members who live outside our normal market area started showing up with their certificates. They always had at least another couple or two with them and they ALL said they'd be back again.

I really like the fact that the advertising dollars I put into the Safari Club actually show up back in my cash register. It's been a great deal for us and should be for anyone else trying to drive some extra revenue through their doors."  
Chip & Lisa Kloc

You just never know who you might bump into at The Whately.

L to R: Bob Toski, Steve "Butch" Kloc, Tom Toski

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