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Emails or Messages We've Received from either
John Hoggan & Tom Tourigny (Kathy's brother) over

the last few days.  This is best way to keep you updated.

From John Hoggan via Tom: Tuesday 4:03 PM

Wow I got to talk to Kathy just now and it felt awesome.  Had a little difficulty understanding her because of her being on the Ventilator for so long.

Please don't attempt to call her because it's hard for her to work the phone or she might be resting. I'm sure in a few days it will be much easier for her to  communicate. Doctor told me that Kathy is "Quite the trooper" and is very impressed with her fortitude.


He told me that he will probably keep the incision open thru the weekend to insure that there are no more problems and the swelling is down. Hopefully the skin graft on her head heals fully and it has a better chance now that the bleeding is stopped for good we hope.

Thank you all for your encouraging words.

Remember when the time is right I'll let you know when to call or text Kathy which ever is  best for her.

From John Hoggan via Tom- Tuesday 3:38 PM


I forgot to mention last night that all of the Biopsies taken last Thursday during Surgery were Negative.

I just talked to Kathy's nurse and he said that she is very alert. The Doctor came by this morning and it looks like all bleeding has stopped. Still needs to be absolutely sure before closing her Stomach wound. If things continue positively they're going to try and remove the Ventilator also sometime today. She is still pretty swollen and that's because she been given a lot of fluids and is not moving around on her own.

Most importantly I  may have the opportunity to talk to her depending if everything works out as planned.

She will at some point need to return to the OR. to have her wound closed up for good.