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The 2017 Tekoa Charity Challenge

During the entire 2017 Safari Club Adventure season, we will be offering something absolutely FANTASTIC for all our Safari Club Premier Members to participate in. 

Believe it or not, we have actually come up with a WIN-WIN challenge in which no one can possibly lose. Everybody involved is instantly a winner the moment they participate! 

Sound too good to be true?  Please read on!

Here's how it works!

Tekoa Country Club has agreed to offer a 2016 Tekoa Country Club membership at their great golf course for anyone scoring a hole-in-one during one of our fully sanctioned Safari Club events this year.  (See rules & regulations below)

Here's the catch? 

Prior to going out on the course at any one of our regular events, you will be given an opportunity to donate a minimum of only $1.00 to our Safari Club Charity Fundraising effort for The Shriners Hospital for Children in Springfield and the Things of My Very Own children's charity located in Schenectady, New York.  

You may also qualify for this award if you have contributed a larger one-time donation at any point earlier in the year totaling a minimum amount of $100.00 or more. Your donation must be documented by either a check or sequence number of WHITE raffle tickets you have kept for the final drawing to be held at our season ending event at Tekoa this season. 

This is not a mandatory contribution, it’s purely voluntary and at your individual discretion.  But your generosity will be rewarded handsomely should you make a hole-in-one during the 2017 Safari Club Adventure season.


By now we're sure you can see the obvious WIN-WIN scenario the Tekoa Charity Challenge presents to all those who participate.


And we've only just begun!
Gary Rome, almost considered a celebrity because of all his ads with his dog, Jack and seen regularly on TV, has always made an effort to give back to the community he serves.  It's just his way of "thanking" all the loyal customers and friends he has made along his life's journey. 
So, it should come as no surprise that when we shared with him and his staff what we have planned to include in this year’s Safari Club Adventures, well, needless to say.... Gary Rome wanted  to know what he could do to help out.
Gary Rome often quotes his Dad in many of his commercials by saying:  "Gary, it doesn't cost any more to be nice".

Well, Mr. Rome has really stepped up his "nice guy” image this time!  And again, steeped in Safari Club tradition, it turns out to be a WIN-WIN deal for everyone involved.

Mr. Rome has really come through and here's how his part of the Tekoa Charity Challenge will work.


Starting March 1st and extending throughout this calendar year; any time anyone in our organization mentions they are a Safari Club Premier member when they purchase a new or used vehicle from Gary Rome Hyundai, it will automatically trigger a $50 contribution to the Shriners Hospital for Children from Gary Rome Hyundai.

Again - another WIN-WIN situation with the help of "Mr. Nice Guy" himself - Gary Rome, and of course.... Jack!!

Partnering with greats to help the greatest!

The hole-in-one contest in which everybody becomes a winner!​​

Rules & Regulations for Tekoa Charity Challenge

1. All member participants must make their minimum $1 contribution prior to teeing off at each event or have made a minimum $50.00 donation to our Soldier On or Wounded Warrior Project fund raising drive earlier in the season if they wish to be included in this competition.  All such donations must be documented and verified with the appropriate sequence of ticket numbers.  All contributions are on a voluntary basis only.

2. All members are responsible for making sure their contribution has been duly acknowledged and recorded by members of Safari Club management or the event coordinator.


3. This is an on-your-honor competition that must be witnessed by at least 2 other Safari Club Premier members in good standing.

4. Only Safari Club Premier Members may be eligible for this competition.

***The Tekoa Charity Challenge Award will be a "walking" only Tekoa Country Club membership for 2018