Current Registrations for Wahconah


As always, if you're name does not appear below and you believe you have signed up to play this event, PLEASE let us know immediately.  If for any reason you have signed up and you can no longer make it to this event - PLEASE let us know that information as well.  To find your name quckly, please see below this grid where names are listed alphabetically by FIRST name.

Players listed in alphabetical order by first name

Ann Reinke

Bernie Tetreault

Bill Hogan

Bill LaHart

Bill Laughlin

Bob Wilson

Bruce Abbott

Bruce Whittier

Dan Allaire

Dan Bock

Dave Renne

Dave Sears

Denis Dugas
Dennis Desmarais

Diane Paradis

Dick Jubinville

Don Carpenter

Don O'Brien

Doreen Sears

Ed Pedruczny

Fred Callahan

Fred Gohr

Harry Nolds

Howie Booth

Jackie Dukes

Jane DeBarbieri

Jeff Wickles

Jim Atwater

Jim Sleboda

Jim Wood

John Balicki

John Hoggan

John Opatkiewicz

Kathy Hoggan

Larry West

Lee Phillips

Linda Desmarais

Linda Haskell

Linda Petrozzi

Mark O’Connor

Marsha Ramah

Mike Parent

Mike Pequidnot

Neil Chernick

Pat Jolicoeur

Paul Flynn

Peggy Mientka

Rich Blume

Ron Bercume

Ron Hamel

Russ Ramah

Russ Reinke

Steve Martin

Steve Murphy

Terry Day
Todd Galpin

Tom Canata

Tom Jenkins

Tom Wickles

Vern Mongeau

Wil Guiel